Cochlear Implant Update: 3 Months Since Activation

It’s been three months since my cochlear implant was activated and four and a half months since my surgery. We finally have some data on the actual progress I’ve made! All the struggles and headaches have actually been worth it. A personally shout out to Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. That book was a perfect challenge to read aloud to my kids at night. So if you ever want to talk about the Tweetle Beetles and their muddle, puddle, paddle battles or which lakes Luke Luck likes to takes licks in with his duck call me any time. I can even tell you who sews Slow Joe Crow’s clothes.

My hearing test shows my right ear can now understand 96% of the sentences said to me at conversational volume! Prior to surgery, with a hearing aid that number was 48%. The most alarming one to me personally is I only understood 8% of the single words said to me WITH a hearing aid. Although I doubt someone is going to say ‘barn’ ‘jewel’ or other words randomly and expect me to repeat them, it’s still a bit sad and shocking. My audiologist told me I made her entire day when we saw my numbers.

Huge progress has been made. I’m very happy I did this surgery because even with the tears, frustrations and financial burden, it has vastly improved my quality of life. It has been worth it 100%.

So what’s next? I will still have regular audiology appointments and live with the cochlear implant for the rest of my life. We’re going to have to monitor my left ear with the assumption that one day it will fall to the level my right ear was. It’s highly likely that I will need to do this all over again for my left side. The question is just ‘when?’ Two or twenty years down the road? We don’t have the answers. I do however, have the comfort of knowing I can teach myself how to hear digitally.

If there is anything you want to do to support it would be make sure anyone who needs this surgery can get it. The bill for the surgery (NOT including rehab appts or activation appts!) was around $125,000. Most healthcare facilities won’t schedule this surgery without insurance pre-approval because of the price. You can ask your representative to sign Ally’s Act making sure insurance companies cover specialty hearing aids and cochlear implants. And even though it won’t make the surgery free, at least it significantly reduces the price so adults and children can have a chance to lead a normal life.

Ally’s Act, HR 477/S 41

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