Indoor Composting

Every Earth Day I make a resolution to be less wasteful. Last year in 2021 I chose to start composting. Since we live in Minnesota it is almost impossible to keep our compost alive (today the high was -1 degree Fahrenheit.) Our tumbler was full and literally frozen shut by November.

When I saw the Vitamix Food Cycler I was super interested, but in huge sticker shock. My husband, bless his gadget loving soul, simply decided we needed it.

Well thanks to some credit card reward dollars we ‘bought it.’ After reading countless reviews and from months of personal experience our overall summary is the following:

  • If you’re looking to replace an outdoor compost/ composting system entirely you will be disappointed.
  • If you are looking to condense your food waste to complement your outdoor compost you will be very happy!
  • It may be too big for your kitchen for it’s about the size of a medium sized air fryer.
  • It is really quiet! Even my husband with normal hearing agrees.
  • There are some best practices/ rules to follow for the best success. Once you get going they aren’t rocket science. Too much of 1 thing is not a good idea. There that’s the majority of the rules.

A great before and after picture for what you’ll get. It runs for about 4-5 hours normally and shuts off automatically. We run it every night unless all we have is a huge pile of orange peels from our kids newest food obsession.

When you go to use it in soil keep in mind you’ll want to do about a 11 to 1 ratio of soil to dehydrated food waste. Once you notice how small the food becomes, the 11 to 1 ratio isn’t an outrageous one.

At the end of the day my question is, ‘Is this really better for the environment to run an appliance every day for 4 hours?’ I don’t know the answer. If it teaches my kids something and we buy less soil packaged in plastic bags this spring, I feel it is a better option.

What are you thoughts?

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