Pumpkin Growing Adventure

We attempted growing sugar pumpkins this year and well….we learned a lot?

Did you know that sugar pumpkin vines can grow up to 15 feet long? Me neither. In all honesty I spent a total of $0.29 at Aldi on this experiment and that fact that we yielded 4 edible pumpkins with 5 more potentials ripening is pretty impressive.

We found out if you move a vine they are very likely to develop diseases/ viruses. So turns out you can kill an entire vine by touching it. All of the current leaves on the vines are dusted with white mold/mildew, brown, wilting, and almost dead. My husband also learned you can kill a vine by running over it with a lawn mower. Next year we will try buying seeds from a seed company like Parkseed. Hopefully they will be more resistant to illness, but I doubt they can escape the lawn mower.

The 2nd smallest pumpkin from the group picture gave us about 0.5 cup of seeds to roast (350 for 15-20 minutes with a spritz of olive oil and salt) and 1.5 cups of puree (350 for about 45 min cut side down)

We will likely make a couple pies and feed the puree to our little pumpkin. Any creative ideas for pumpkin puree that are not dessert are greatly appreciated!

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