What is a Dish with K Fish?

My Mission

Becoming more in touch with nature and our community

How do we get more veggies in our diet? Pick up a fork and get the vegetables in your mouth. All kidding aside, it can be difficult so I’ve made it my mission to help people get inspired on eating more fruits and vegetables without making it so complicated. It’s in our nature to eat produce throughout the day so let’s take a step back and find some good meals and snacks with fruits and veggies!

I also aim to reduce our family’s carbon footprint and am happy to share any small changes we make. Feel free to input or share your ideas too.

Community. We are so lacking in our in person social connections. So many are using social media to fill what should be face to face contacts. Of course, with the pandemic we can only do so much while keeping people safe and healthy. Come with me as we work to communicate better and get to know your community more.

Lastly, a person journey to repair my hearing. Everyone has invisible battles they fight. Mine is hearing.

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Indoor Composting

Every Earth Day I make a resolution to be less wasteful. Last year in 2021 I chose to start composting. Since we live in Minnesota it is almost impossible to keep our compost alive (today the high was -1 degree Fahrenheit.) Our tumbler was full and literally frozen shut by November. When I saw theContinue reading “Indoor Composting”


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